A Return to Turbos for F1?

April 14, 2010

Could it be? The legendary turbo 1.5 liter monsters returning to the pinnacle of the sport?

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GP1 Bankrupt and Up For Sale

March 18, 2010

It was bound to happen eventually. Not even Ferrari coming into the fray was going to help this titanic of a race series from sinking.

It was, as always, an issue surrounding money and controlling rights with the people at the center of the series unable to broker a deal.

As it now stands everything is being sold off in this remarkable auctioning of the entire paddock of GP1 racecars and support vehicles.

Anyone for 20, V8 Ferrari powered open wheelers?!


McLaren Wing is Legal

March 12, 2010

I love the way Webber just goes in and has a peer into the cockpit while Lewis and Jenson sit there and smile knowingly…

…and smile they would too because the ingenious device gives them an extra 15 kph down the straight and when closed, more down force in the corners! Amazing work from McLaren that is sure to be emulated all the way down the grid.


Girls of TAS 2010: WALD

January 17, 2010

No Tokyo Auto Salon would be complete without some delectable female eye candy there to spice things up and the quality at this years show was outstanding.

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Road Test: Alien Honda’s Have Landed

January 12, 2010

Honda Japan has made some very strange decisions lately, none of those more bizarre than the daft choice of pulling out of F1 a year before the team they abandoned went on to win the F1 WDC and Constructors championships. To say they choked isn’t even close to the truth. They committed sporting suicide.



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The dumbest commercial Mercedes has ever made.

January 10, 2010

It’s nonsensical, farcical, whimsical garbage.

No amount of emotive force can replace the absurdity that is this SLS commercial.

Note, if you will, the petrified faces of the firemen who, from behind the safety of their 1 foot high barrier, are set up to be completely obliterated by the gullwinged Mercedes should a mistake be made.

I wont even bother going into how extraordinarily retarded and utterly pointless the car barrel rolling in the tunnel is.


Gauges and Suspension Parts for the Skyline

January 7, 2010

I received these as a birthday present not too long ago, last month actually.

Top of the line Blitz DC II with the DC Live Unit for oil, boost and water.

I was considering putting them on the Subaru due to the fact it has no boost or oil pressure gauges at all but then realized the Subaru will be gone soon and the ‘Line needs them just as much.

The Nissan actually already has these gauges but who can trust those? They’re 17 years old. Plus the boost gauge is measured in mmHG ( mm of mercury – retarded if you ask me )

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F1’s Precious Flavio

January 7, 2010

I’ve always wondered what Flavio Briatore’s 26 year old wife must be thinking when she kisses the human equivalent of Gollum. I mean, come now – look at him. Not exactly the Brad Pitt of the F1 world is he? So putting his very questionable pot bellied looks aside what else do we have there? Hmm… a duplicitous, conniving, heavy handed, arrogant cheat. Can’t be his personality then either, can it? Guess that leaves only his money.

And who would be surprised by THAT little piece of truth?

I mean, LOOK at this woman. It makes me physically ill to think that Gollum slithers all over her when the lights go out.

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Michael Schumacher signs for Mercedes

December 23, 2009

Wow…just WOW.

In my post couple of days ago I mentioned how I got to meet MS and how I expected him to come back for the 2010 season but the guessing and speculation is now officially a reality.

Michael Schumacher will return to the grid in 2010 wearing the black and silver of Mercedes. In this unprecedented move, Schumi will now partner Rosberg and Brawn under a brand new 3 year contract.

This is utterly fantastic news and many people are surely beside themselves over this.

I think I’ll put some money down on Schumi to take out the WDC title. The bookies must be having kittens!!



Michael Schumacher 2010

December 19, 2009

Michael Schumacher retired from Formula 1 at the end of the 2006 season.

Suddenly, from every corner of the news, there is unabated fever among the inhabitants of F1 about the imminent return of the most successful F1 driver ever to grace the sport and live to tell the tale.

I personally believe he will come back and am writing this in due course.

I had seen him race so many times. I grew up in the shadow of the “Senna passes the dominance torch to Schumacher” era and what an amazing 15 years it had been. You may know I grew up in Australia, so I was no stranger to Schumacher or Hakkinen or Hill or anyone from the crop of the mid 80’s to now. You feel as if you know them all somehow and yet, have never met any of them.

As fate would have it then, some 15 years and a move to Japan later, at Suzuka in 2006, I got some pit access and managed to meet most of the field and memorably have a little quiet time with Schumacher, a single race before he retired ( as far as I or anybody else knew at the time ) for ever.

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