1993 Nissan Skyline GTS-T

The Drift car: driver and car initiated at Minami course in Ebisu, May, 2009.


  • 1993 Skyline GTS-t Type M 2 door
  • Engine: RB20DET with Mines VX Rom Computer
  • Transmission: Nissan 5 speed
  • Diff: Kaaz 2 way LSD, Wakos Fluids
  • Brakes: Nissan BNR32 4 pot Front, 2 pot Rear; Winmax Front Brake Pads, WAKOS racing grade Dot 4 Brake Fluid
  • Clutch and Flywheel: KTM coppermix clutch plate, KTS heavy duty flywheel
  • Intake: APEXi system – stock boost 0.7bar
  • Exhaust: GALLUP cat back with de-cat Center Pipe ( optional bung to dim drone and exhaust noise )
  • Suspension: Nismo Upper Arms, Adjustable Tension rods, APEXi N1 suspension Front and Rear
  • Aero: BNR32 Front Bumper, BNR32 Racing Splitter, Rear Over-fenders, GT Rear Wing
  • Interior: Interior Stripped, Red Sparco Gen 1 Speed bucket, 4 Point FIA approved Top Formula A 3 inch Safety harness, Razo shifter, Nardi Wheel







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