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Italian Stuffed Peppers

May 8, 2009

So I do a bit of cooking. A drivers gotta eat and this driver eats WELL. I think every bloke should be a decent whip behind the stove. You know to impress the ladies and… well, that’s the only reason really.

Tonight, I decided to try my hand at Italian Stuffed Peppers. I use My Nintendo DS to help me cook…that’s right, my DS. I have a great program called Personal Trainer – Cooking. It’s awesome, hundreds of recipes in the game from all over the world, this being one of them.

This recipe is one I’m familiar with although my grandmother used to make them in a tomato based soup. Im going the dry version this time.

Grab these ingredients: Flour, breadcrumbs, minced beef, capers, a small pile of black olives chopped roughly, 4 big ass Capsicum ( doesn’t matter what colour ) , salt, oregano, olive oil and parmesan cheese. You can add some chopped chilli if you like it spicy.


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