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Gauges and Suspension Parts for the Skyline

January 7, 2010

I received these as a birthday present not too long ago, last month actually.

Top of the line Blitz DC II with the DC Live Unit for oil, boost and water.

I was considering putting them on the Subaru due to the fact it has no boost or oil pressure gauges at all but then realized the Subaru will be gone soon and the ‘Line needs them just as much.

The Nissan actually already has these gauges but who can trust those? They’re 17 years old. Plus the boost gauge is measured in mmHG ( mm of mercury – retarded if you ask me )

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New Ken on the Block?

June 2, 2009

Ken Block is an absolutely amazing driver. Gymkhana 1 was an absolutely amazing video.

The latest video from DC Shoes featuring him? Not close to being as great as the original.

Why not? I will explain.

Let me tell you I LOVE this vid and for reasons the directors failed to understand due to words that would ring true to, “mitigating circumstances.”

This was a vid that was ALWAYS supposed to be about Ken BLock.

Why is it then that this turned into a video about DC Shoes? The first installment hardly even mentioned DC Shoes…the second had them jumping up and down screaming, “Hey! Look at me and my crazy slo-mo, stomping on balloon skills!”

Sadly, Ken Block kinda took a back seat in this video ( somewhat ) in relation to the corporate agenda put in place by DC Shoes.

The flashbacks to the all encompassing, kick-major-ass, adrenaline injecting reasons the first DC Shoes/Ken Block Gymkhana was such a success are not really present in this video. I didn’t get the same “buzz” I got from the first flick.

The video was loaded with too much crap and not enough Blockage.

Cue crap comment: ” I feel like I’m scuba diving…I feel like I’m scuba diving.”

Say no to drugs kids.

People aren’t stupid and I’m sure we could all see that, once again, it was a case of “corporate B.S” trying to ride the coat-tails of the success of an individual.

In the first Ken Block Gymkhana 1, the scene with Block smashing doughies around the guy on the seg-way literally had people on the edge of their seats and as I watched, I was left with the thought that, “Whoa, that Block guy must be absolutely insane!!”

But was it “insane” or “crazy” for him?

Probably not.

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Ken Block 2

June 2, 2009

I saw the new Ken Block video, Gymkhana 2

Pretty cool.

Haven’t seen it yet?

Ok, here…watch this…


I Made It Onto Speedhunters Part 1

May 9, 2009


Looks like the first time out went better than I or many others expected. I think the biggest thing was  that I left Ebisu without a scratch being put on the car. Not bad for 2 days of really bad drifting. Dino Dalle Carbonare can be thanked for these awesome shots. Speedhunters can be thanked for getting me out to their rather large readership. Dino was paying attention to this noob and duly aimed his lens at the moving vehicle, oblivious to me in the cockpit.

Dino took it up and all credit to him.

What he manages to do with a lens, I aim to do with the car.

( Photos by Dino Dalle Carbonare and Speedhunters )

Picture 3