A Return to Turbos for F1?

April 14, 2010

Could it be? The legendary turbo 1.5 liter monsters returning to the pinnacle of the sport?

According to sources close to Planet F1’s own ranks, it is destined to happen…

“Our sources claim that one of the ideas currently on the table for 2013 is for 1.5 litre, straight-four, turbocharged engines, using half as much fuel as at present, but with as many KERS variables as possible. Indeed, our source says that the current talk of the return of KERS in 2011 – initially rejected by the teams before a 180 degree turnaround – is “only half the story.”

Bring. This. On.

I for one welcome and embrace a return to power wars between teams, except this time, on a greener footing.


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