Gauges and Suspension Parts for the Skyline

January 7, 2010

I received these as a birthday present not too long ago, last month actually.

Top of the line Blitz DC II with the DC Live Unit for oil, boost and water.

I was considering putting them on the Subaru due to the fact it has no boost or oil pressure gauges at all but then realized the Subaru will be gone soon and the ‘Line needs them just as much.

The Nissan actually already has these gauges but who can trust those? They’re 17 years old. Plus the boost gauge is measured in mmHG ( mm of mercury – retarded if you ask me )

Anyway, instead of sticking them on ugly ring holsters and then 3M taping them to the dash, a la “I’m too cheap to shell out for a proper cluster”, I did a little hunting and came up with a couple of very pretty triple gauge clusters made from carbon fiber – for a very decent price.

This one’s from Australia care of JustJap.com

The second one is this from Japan

Also have a few suspension parts to go on, 2 of them being these near new rear upper arms from Nismo. They’re not adjustable but they are stiffer and carry better bushes not to mention the fact I’m not at the level yet where I can benefit from the fine tuning adjustable rear arms would provide. Still, I’m considering knuckles –  would definitely know what to do with some extra lock. 🙂


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