Every F1 Car Produced from 1950 to 2004

June 9, 2009

One of the best motor sport posters ever made…

There are 505 cars in this poster.

That is a small scale version.

It is an entire treasure trove of F1 goodness on a single page…

To View the complete massive version as seen above, click in the box below:

( It’s a large file – all 9362×6622 pixels of it – You Have Been Warned!)





  1. Brabham BT7 FTMFW!!!!

  2. […] came across an excellent picture on another blog which shows every Formula 1 car from 1950 to 2004 side-by-side. Here’s a sample of it: That […]

  3. Superb!

  4. […] f1fanatic hittade jag till ett inlägg på en motorblogg som har lagt ut en affisch som visar alla Formel 1-bilar mellan 1950 och 2004. Här finns en del godis att spana […]

  5. […] share this also. It’s a poster of all F1 cars ever made since 1950. The original post is by Racing Otaku, so head on over for more info.Sample of the cars on the poster. Below is the full poster, though […]

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  7. […] cars in the poster. If you want to download all 9362×6622 pixels of them, you have been warned. https://racingotaku.wordpress.com/200…car-1950-2004/ Petrol – Breakfast of Champions. RDicted. | GeneRally: resir014 Reply With […]

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