Todt Becomes FIA President

October 23, 2009

I’m actually really distressed right now…

People who are neither fit enough for it nor deserve it, are obtaining positions of power and yet others still are going out of their way to turn people who were once friends against each other!!


Amazing…what a first.

“Climb Dance” immortal, Ari Vatanen, lost the FIA presidential to Jean Todt by a landslide – 49 votes to a massive 135.

Ari, God bless him, not only lost the election – he was decimated by it.

This is tragic news for anyone who cares enough about the sport any more. Oh wait… did I just say sport?

I have never liked Jean Todt enough to envision trusting him with the keys to the future well being of Formula One and least of all when a sado-machochistic sex fiend FIA president is in full and open support of him. The fact that Max “Ze Punishment” Mosley even went as far as to formally tell Prince Feisal of the country Jordan, ROYALTY I might add, that his support for Vatanen was misguided and that Ari would “lose the election and lose badly…” indicates a sinister and underhanded overtone to the elections proceedings.

Nothing is straight in Formula One anymore.

Jean Todt was the man at Peugeot who decided the winner of one of the 1989 WRC rallies on the banks of the Niger river with the flip of a single, lousy 10 franc coin.

Jean Todt is also the man who at Ferrari decided the winner of the 2002 Austrian Formula One GP with the toss of a single, lousy 10 franc coin…maybe. Rubens Barrichello had this to say about the new President elect…“For me it was pretty clear. Take my foot off the pedal or get fired. When I asked Michael if he knew what was going on he said he had nothing to do with it but I have documents at home to prove that he was very well aware of everything that took place.”

Yep…Jean Todt is without a doubt the right man to take over the mantles of the future of F1…


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  1. ari should sign on for toro rosso and kill it

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