Pull the Other One Toyota!

October 2, 2009


Living in Japan is usually really good for automotive things and this weekend is no exception. You see, the F1 circus is in town and everyone is watching in this racing mad country. Japan is so crazy about its motorsport that even major Japanese corporations pull incredible stunts to ensure they gain maximum exposure.

Toyota have done exactly that.

Not content with the driver pairing today, Toyota have told the world that Timo Glock has a heavy cold and a high fever and will “sit out” today’s Friday practice in order to help him recuperate before the qualifying session tomorrow. In Japanese medical circles, colds and “high” fevers only last 24 hours.

Speaking of getting high, what are the people at Toyota actually smoking these days anyway?

The thing is, they have appointed another driver to stand in for Timo.

And that driver is 23 year old Kamui Kobayashi. Who is Japanese… and 3rd driver for Toyota… racing at the Japanese GP…in front of Japans biggest corporate names…on Honda’s race track.

How convenient!

The least they could have done was make the Trulli sick. That way the better driver could actually get seat time instead of sitting out a vital session.

Not surprising really – wouldn’t be the first time Toyota has lied about something in order to obtain a result.


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