Summer Drift Matsuri 2009 – Preparations 2

July 31, 2009

It took us a few hours of stuffing around but John and I finally got the Sparco seat and rail installed in the Riceline and also hooked up the Sabelt 4 point harness.

Satisfying stuff. It is very very red.


We figured out we could use the eye bolts that came with the harness to double as not only anchor points for the harness but also as points where we could still utilize the factory belt and buckle. Win and won.


For the drive up to Matsuri, I will be using the standard belt and the beauty of this set up is that I can clip the harness in anytime I like so I can keep it bagged up until we arrive at the circuit. I am a little bit concerned with the rake of the Sparco bucket. From the seat and strapped in tight,  I can see the nose of the bonnet ahead but that angle doesn’t feel entirely right. We will see how we go I suppose.


The seat is a Sparco Speed Generation I and the harness is a 5 point, 3 Inch, turnbuckle “Top Formula A”, Sabelt job with matching pads.



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