Summer Drift Matsuri 2009 – Preparations

July 28, 2009

I am currently in the middle of a very big dilemma with the Skyline. Not only did it cost too much initially ( Initial Drift! ) – 250,000 yen, it is still nowhere near finished.

I got the car without the important things needed to go drifting. It didn’t have a 2 way, didn’t have a decent clutch and pressure plate, no seat and harness, no meters to monitor oil, boost and water temps. It didn’t even come with a front mount inter-cooler or a boost controller.

I did get a shitty turbo timer, a GTR front bar with splitter that doesn’t fit properly and some really tacky rear overfenders that were screwed on to the car and left unpainted and not much else to be honest apart from the second hand parts installed into the exhaust system and a few suspension bits. For 250,000 yen you should get one heck of a missle in this country, loaded with everything to get you started.


Admittedly the car sounds great with the current system but it makes all that wonderful noise without really going anywhere quickly.

I went to the last Drift Matsuri in Ebisu with it basically stock and it ran great. The car left the place undamaged – a major achievement considering it was my first time and I was throwing towards Minami walls at 120kph. Beginners luck perhaps?

So fast forward 3 months and we have the summer edition of the Maturi looming large. For those of you that dont know about the Drift Matsuri, it is literally 48 hours straight of drifting madness – anything goes. You pay 20,000 yen and you then have access to 8 different courses for as long as you want for the next 2 days. It is dirty smokey, oily, high octane fuel and redbull charged, organized madness.

I relocated the car to Tokyo from Chiba and began sourcing the parts to make it do its job properly – parts that should have been there from the start had I been smart enough about the purchase.

I obviously need a few key ingredients and after contacting numerous people and consulting with friends I came up with this list of must haves.

  1. Coppermix clutch plate
  2. Heavy duty pressure plate
  3. 2 way LSD
  4. Full bucket seat and rail
  5. 4 point safety harness
  6. HiCAS locker installation

I started scouring the net for the best deals and after dozens of hours of research and phone calls to close associates found all the gear I was looking for. Some people quoted extortionate figures so it really does pay to shop around and play one seller off against another.

Seat wise I found what I was looking for at Up Garage- http://www.upgarage.com

I managed to find a brand new Formula A 4 point, 3 inch Sabelt harness at my local Up Garage of all places. Has red pads to match too. Beautiful thing.


While I was there I spotted a brand new Sparco Speed racing bucket – also in red – on the top shelf over at the seat section.

Money quickly changed hands and I bolted out of there with a great seat and harness combo.


There was still a lot to do. There still IS a lot to do even as I write this.

I sourced a Kaaz 2 way unit in the R200 casing so a straight swap is now much easier…


So that’s the 2 way and seat equipment out of the way. One of my best friends from high school who also happens to work for a very high profile tuning parts maker in Japan put me on to a workshop that had prices I found hard to believe considering the quotes I was getting from others. In one place I was quoted 45,000 yen to fit the KAAZ. The place I am referring to though will do it for half that.

I was, as you can imagine, rapt. It got better too.

It turns out that this place does a package with their own parts and I could also get a coppermix clutch and pressure plate package with installation very cheap. This was too good to pass up so I have booked in with them for next week.

That takes care of 3 of the biggest difficulites I am facing but there is still a long way to go yet before it is ready to go for the August 8th drift onslaught.


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