New Ken on the Block?

June 2, 2009

Ken Block is an absolutely amazing driver. Gymkhana 1 was an absolutely amazing video.

The latest video from DC Shoes featuring him? Not close to being as great as the original.

Why not? I will explain.

Let me tell you I LOVE this vid and for reasons the directors failed to understand due to words that would ring true to, “mitigating circumstances.”

This was a vid that was ALWAYS supposed to be about Ken BLock.

Why is it then that this turned into a video about DC Shoes? The first installment hardly even mentioned DC Shoes…the second had them jumping up and down screaming, “Hey! Look at me and my crazy slo-mo, stomping on balloon skills!”

Sadly, Ken Block kinda took a back seat in this video ( somewhat ) in relation to the corporate agenda put in place by DC Shoes.

The flashbacks to the all encompassing, kick-major-ass, adrenaline injecting reasons the first DC Shoes/Ken Block Gymkhana was such a success are not really present in this video. I didn’t get the same “buzz” I got from the first flick.

The video was loaded with too much crap and not enough Blockage.

Cue crap comment: ” I feel like I’m scuba diving…I feel like I’m scuba diving.”

Say no to drugs kids.

People aren’t stupid and I’m sure we could all see that, once again, it was a case of “corporate B.S” trying to ride the coat-tails of the success of an individual.

In the first Ken Block Gymkhana 1, the scene with Block smashing doughies around the guy on the seg-way literally had people on the edge of their seats and as I watched, I was left with the thought that, “Whoa, that Block guy must be absolutely insane!!”

But was it “insane” or “crazy” for him?

Probably not.

The second flick had a guy, in the same role, this time doing something more…authentically melodramatic, let’s say.

I can imagine it being something like this…

Director: “Yeah, so for this next scene, we’ll have Block, that guy over there…in the…( Hey, pssst, what’s that car called again?)..oh, YEAH, the Soo-Bah-Roo, hammer down towards “Dave” here… and then instead of that old mobile Seg-Way moving forward like in the last video… let’s equip Dave with a…well, a gun, a BIG gun…so he can stand there and look really tough on camera..and then he can, ohhh, I don’t know – take the focus away from Ken Block…and…Oh YEAH! Shoot…wait for it… PAINT BALLS at Block as he does donuts around him!!

And then, when he’s nearly finished his paint ball load, we can have him hoist his pea shooter in the air and fire off a couple of celebrationary shots!! Coz’ the guys tough! Like.. Block, tough! “

*R/O Slaps forehead*

Can someone please check the classifieds for a talented director wanted in Hollywood, ASAP…

Look. I liked the vid…but for only one reason…

It wasn’t the crappy paint ball stuff, it wasn’t the crappy props littered around the docklands ( blue water balloons?? ) and it definitely wasn’t the hair raising, “tag a WRX with your paint filled water balloon” game, that got the masses excited (That was just plain stupidity) nor was it the, “Smashing of flouro lights across each others chests as a show of manhood to get me excited”, ploy…

This was not aimed at Scandanavians who innately know the “flick”. This was a media driven advertisement, aimed at the popular masses that buy DC shoes and who may know a thing or two about a turbo and an AWD system…

…but who gives a stuff if the dude driving it was Ken Block?

Ken Block was the true star of this show that, unfortunately, you kinda had to look for in this vid.

That is not how the first video went and the first installment was not made that way. The first video was all about one man and one machine…and a guy on a seg-way!

That’s what made it the massive spectacle it is and that is what made it one of the most posted videos on the net.

I liked this video purely because it managed to capture some amazing jewels from the vault of K.B’s “Driving for Lunatics” manual – one such example being the occasion he came out of the dock lands full throttle and was sideways holding it flat and then suddenly, there was a drop off…straight into the ocean and yet, Block kept the boot stuck firmly into it …drifting it right to the edge!

If that wasn’t enough, a slow mo quickly followed and that left us in no doubt Ol’ Blockhead is definitely insane in some areas of his brain.

Yes, Slo-Mo was a blessing and a curse for this movie. the director had too much of it in some parts and not nearly enough of it in others.

The scene with the dummy was just stupidity. They should’ve used the guy with the paint gun and his pedo ‘stache instead.

Let us not forget though, that... the first video was only really ever about KEN BLOCK.

Not DC shoes. I don’t even LIKE DC shoes.

Puma speed, drift and future cat shoes are way better.


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