To iPhone or not to iPhone?

May 28, 2009

Well, it’s finally time to upgrade the old beater that has served me well over the past 2 and half years.

I’ve been kinda hooked on Sharp phones since I moved to Japan and have always looked for the models with the best cameras attached.

4 years ago I had the V602SH that was packing at the time a whopping 2MP of camera muscle. This was a serious phone for 2005 ( Same colour too )

After 2 years with that, I went for another Sharp, the 910SH

My old Sharp 910SH 5 megapixel camera phone has taken an absolute beating over the years and it has never put a foot wrong on me. The only thing I have ever had to do is replace the battery a couple of times.

The old 5 Megapixel beater

Now. Everyone is stark raving mad about the iPhone and while I have heard this, that and the other from everyone under the sun about it, I remain less than convinced.

I’m definitely a Mac guy but the iPhone isn’t everything I thought it would be. Lets face it; the camera is crap, has no auto focus even and it doesn’t shoot video. You need to buy every application that is actually half decent enough to be useful and you will fill page after page of crappy apps that you will never even use but have to navigate through to get to the good ones. Not to mention people have suffered technical difficulties, one after the other with the hardware and it only has 16GB’s of space ( As of the time of writing ) and you would be hard pressed to convince certain cynics such as myself to join the bandwagon.

I though Apples corporate ethos was to not be like Microsoft and always package its items with as little bullshit as possible?

The iPhone just doesn’t float my boat. Not yet anyway.

Now. The Sharp 933Sh certainly does!

Due to be released in Japan tomorrow, this camera phone is packing some powerful pocket camera prowess among a host of other things.

When separating the wheat from the chaff, it comes down to this:

  • 10 Megapixel Pro Pix CCD Sensor and LED Flash with face recognition ( a bit of a letdown with it not being a Xenon bulb )
  • 28mm wide angle lens f=5.07mm / 1:2.8
  • ISO 100~12800 ( No more crappy night time shots with this baby! )
  • Continuous AF
  • 16GB of usable Micro SD card space
  • 3.3″ Full wide VGA screen with touch panel controls
  • Digital Television One Seg Tuner with Aquos screen ( 854×480 )
  • Global Roaming capabilities ( A big plus )
  • Felica Pocket wallet capabilities
  • Touch panel screen
  • GPS Navigation
  • Live updates for Blogs and other URL
  • Bluetooth
  • …you get the picture…

I am very fortunate to be living in a country where technology is always on the cutting edges and updated constantly.

I think the 933SH is the bomb and if I buy this thing it will be the third Sharp phone for me and my third phone in Japan. There is basically only one spanner in the works at the moment for me and it comes in the form of the Sony Ericsson Idou. With 12.1 Megapixels on tap the Sony may be packing more than the Sharp.

In any case, and regardless of which phone I stump for,  I have been fortunate enough to have never lost or broken my phones while friends of mine have gone through dozens of them in the same time period.

I think part of that is down to Sharp phones just simply being really damn good products.

The other parts may or may not be alcohol related.



  1. Excellent choice! Just about everyone I know who bought the iPhone thought they were the coolest thing in town.. that was until they actually went to use it. No SD card, crap camera & battery life + a little too large to comfortably carry in ones pocket.. it’s got nothing on any of those Japanese phones you described.
    I agree, Apple computers are great but I too will certainly be waiting a while until they get the iPhone right.

    • Chris, it appears that Apple are only moments away ( okay..it could be days or weeks – but soon ) from announcing an updated version and this update is supposed to include a 3.2MP camera with video function.

      Thats if you believe the Chinese leaks!

      I’m just still not convinced and not just because the camera is crap.

      I can argue the iPod any day of the week as the best pound for pound MP3 pocket system out there but I will not and can not defend Apple on the iPhone – Maybe in a year or two but not now 😛

  2. Don’t get an Iphone!.

    I currently have an LG KU990, and a Samsung i900. Both 5mp camera’s, touch screen, yada-yada.

    I’ve never owned a Sharp phone, as they aren’t widely offered over here.. 10.0mp is fxcking awesome!

    Mine will both work in Japan, but I’d like to get something I know I’m not going to run into roaming problems with. So, let me know what you end up choosing!

    • John, dont bother with your Aussie phones – you will somehow forget where you put them when you see the line-ups here 😛

      I can personally vouch for Sharp – they really make great phones.

      I still have both my older models and they work perfectly despite being heavily abused.

      Did I just say “older”?


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