A Very Unsafe Safety Car

May 20, 2009

Amazing how sometimes we forget to check our blindspots and then BAM, there’s an accident.

There is no way the “spatial ability” excuse ( or lack there of ) will hold up this time because the accident in question happened at the 2009 WTCC race at Pao just last weekend and the driver of the safety car in question was most definitely male.

The desperately luckless leader, Franz Engstler, fought his way through the inevitable carnage the starts of these WTCC races bring only to be driven into the wall at high speed by a meandering and inattentive driver of the course safety car.

The safety car came onto the circuit in response to a rash of accidents that littered Pao during the opening lap and as it exited the pits, wandered right over to the middle of  the track and onto the racing line, completely oblivious to the impending collision.

Engstler swerved to the left with cat like reflexes but it wasn’t enough.

The force of the impact obliterated the right front of the BMW, ripping the right front wheel clean out of its arch and launching Engstler air born and into the wall at considerable speed.

Both drivers escaped unhurt.

Only one will have a job next weekend.



  1. Its a load of shit, the safety car driver had not received confirmation to leave the pits, he did it on his own. He then drove directly into the middle of the fxcking track, not using the acceleration lane, causing this catastrophe.

    Its a bad day for Franz, who I’m pretty sure puts ALL of his OWN money into the car’s and his team along with the sponsors.

  2. No doubt John. I do believe the team will be compensated for the stupidity although it was Engstler who hit the Toyota from behind!

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