F1 Without Ferrari?

May 14, 2009

No such thing is there?

Say goodbye to Formula One and hello to Formula None.

The current machismo posturing being dispayed by Ferrari and the FIA has the sport, yet again, on the brink of collapse. Yes, it is that bad.

Ferrari have threatened to walk away from F1 after this season if the proposed budgetary caps and twin tiered scoring systems are voted in for the 2010 season. Putting the issue beyond doubt was that of Piero Ferrari, son of the great Enzo who stated emphatically that, I know that the decision coming out from the world council is not correct for us and we will fight against it. And we are not joking. We are talking seriously because really and truly Ferrari will not be in the next Championship if they stay with these rules.”

It is not very often that we hear from Piero Ferrari and so this leaves me in no doubt as to Ferrari’s intentions. Adding their voices to the growing choir of ill sentiment toward the regulation changes is Renault and Toyota; both of whom will buck the sport and leave for greener pastures should the changes come into effect.

There has been talk of a breakaway series but there is nothing in place to suggest that will actually materialize. If Ferrari, Toyota and Renault do leave, where will they go? With billions of dollars already invested in infrastructure and contracts signed over driver and sponsorship deals, it wouldn’t really make a lot of sense to suddenly uproot everything that has been established.

The teams know that F1 carries a massive amount of clout as a brand and without it, these teams would have nowhere to race. In reality, the teams need the sport and the sport needs the teams. They have coexisted in a symbiotic  relationship for decades. So why now throw everything away?

The point of it all is very simple – the teams are kicking up a stink and rightfully so. Ferrari again made a good point when he said this:

“It’s like soccer. In Italy we have Internazionale, who are winning, and they spend huge amounts of money for the best players. But in Serie A you also have a team like Catania, who have no money. So do you say to Catania, ‘You can play with 12 players,’ and to Inter, ‘You must play with nine’? It wouldn’t be fair”

Spot on.

The thing is…will the sport really cut off it’s own nose to spite its face?


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