Spanish F1 GP 2009 – Rubens gets ripped off, Webbo rips one back and Trulli gets ripped up

May 11, 2009

Thank God for F1.

I know the Circuit de Catalunya is one of the most mundane tracks the circus visits but this paritcular race held a few points of interest. First and foremost it was a race where Barrichello was seemingly robbed of his first win for 2009. Had it not been for Brawn ( The team, not necessarily the man ) changing strategies for Button early into the first stint, there is no doubt in my mind Rubens would have won.

Why Rubens wasn’t also changed from 3 stops to 2 is a mystery to me and one Barrichello rightly voiced. Man, did you how miserable he looked in the drivers briefing!! It has been mentioned that he was too slow on the third of his stints because of tyre abnormalities but did that stop him from nailing the fastest lap of the race? Small consolation, I know.

Barrichello: “We were both on three stops, then they changed the strategy for him, which is good for him, and good for the team we were one and two, but I’d like to understand why we changed the strategy.”

Brawn himself was apathetic: “Three stopping was the quicker strategy. All our calculations showed that. What’s strange and disappointing is that Barrichello, on his second primes, was half-a-second to a second slower than what he could or should have been.”

I just have to ask, Ross… if 3 stopping was the quicker strategy, why did you switch Button to a 2 stop?

On a personal front, my prayers for Mark Webber to avoid going out on the first lap were answered and good ol’ lanky Weebo stormed to a very strong 3rd place. Having disappeared after the first stint, I was a little concerned – there was no mention of him on Japanese TV at any rate ( Is there ever? ) and it wasnt until the second stops unfolded that I relized he had been fueled super long! And instead of falling asleep like he and the Trulli train have been prone to do mid race over the years, he kept his foot in it and got the result needed, silencing the Vettel camp in the process.

Nothing like a young upstart to really make you get your mojo on. Good on him I say – the Webber vs. Vettel battel is turning out to be THE matchup for 2009.

Speaking of the Trulli Train, Jarno well and *Trulli* derailed on Sunday, torpedoing his TF109 into oncoming traffic, destroying the right front and both Torro Rossos in the process.

He said this afterward… “I had to avoid him because he came back on really quickly. I had to steer off the track and lost control of the car over the grass, so I spun and someone hit me.”

Mmm hmm…Jarno, you failed to mention that you got back ON the gas while you were ON the grass and just plain lost it – spinning avoidably into oncoming traffic.It was your fault. Pfft – F1 drivers and accountability have never gone hand in hand!

I think the last driver to admit that he was wrong and the cause of an avoidable accident was…umm… yeah, hang on… ..nothing springs to mind…

Glock in the other Toyota got beached behind a stagnant Hamilton, both wrestling with cars that lacked speed and grip, especially Glock who lamented, I couldn’t get close enough to him in the slipstream; every time I was close my tyres started to go off. Even when I was in clear air today the car was not perfect so we have to look at what happened and try to come back stronger for the next races.”

As for the other Mac, Heikki’s season continues to falter with a transmision problem sidelining him early. How the tables turn year in, year out…

Ferrari had another miserable race with drivers and teams taking turns in shooting each other in the foot. This time, Raikkonnen needed an icecream at precisely the wrong time and suffered a ridiculously humiliating Quali 1 knockout compounded by a hydraulics failure during the race.

I think KR is more motivated by Vodka and strippers this year than ever before and I for one have to question the motivation…sure it’s all good to jump the fence, chuck some shorts on and grab an ice cream and a pole dancer but really – is it necessary when work needs doing?

The Tifosi must be having kittens over Raikkonnen’s lack of commitment to the sport and the team. I think KR will fold this year and then we won’t be seeing him any more. He got his championship and for him, I believe, that’s the job done.

If Raikkonnen was a massive disappointment, the problems that bestruck Massa verged on sporting suicide. How long can Ferrari last under Stefano Dominicali? Its obvious there is something wrong at management level and I’m pretty confident Luca Di Montezemolo has got the axe well sharpened. This kind of ridicule won’t be going down well at all.

It would be easier to make them drink Cyanide than withstand this.

It was painful to watch Massa get swallowed up, like an easy meal by the rampant Alonso who must have smelt blood laps prior to Massa slowing down to conserve fuel. Like taking candy from a baby, Alonso snatched those points and couldn’t you just see the joy in the faces of all the Spanish fans at the circuit.

I would fear for my life wearing anything other than yellow and red at that place. Ronald McDonald would fit right in, even with those shoes.

Up next is Monaco.

Stay tuned.


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