I made it onto Speedhunters Part 2

May 10, 2009

More recognition. Never a bad thing, is it?

Just love the drift. Dino got my entry into the first corner at the Kita ( North ) course perfectly. I’m grateful because I was deliberately “doing some of the most dangerous drifting” on purpose. Looks completely out of control, doesn’t it?


Check out the final installment on Speedhunters here

I had largely avoided the Kita course thinking it was more difficult than the Minami course but if you dont manji ( drift repeatedly before the corner ) the straight it’s a really nicely balanced open and technical course. It took about 20 minutes to figure out entry speeds for that corner up there – come steaming in at 130kph jink right and then left, e brake the entry and in she goes. A great hairpin if you get it right, back on the power – you should be able to hold 2nd completely flat all the way and through the next series of left and right more technical corners.

I absolutely loved it and wondered why I was even concerned in the first place. Kita put a smile on my face every lap.

I’m glad the second set of tyres held up better than the first – it’s difficult to drive 300kms to the event, shred the set you had on there on the first day and then use the spare set to drift the second day and then return back fot the 300km slog home.


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