I Made It Onto Speedhunters Part 1

May 9, 2009


Looks like the first time out went better than I or many others expected. I think the biggest thing was  that I left Ebisu without a scratch being put on the car. Not bad for 2 days of really bad drifting. Dino Dalle Carbonare can be thanked for these awesome shots. Speedhunters can be thanked for getting me out to their rather large readership. Dino was paying attention to this noob and duly aimed his lens at the moving vehicle, oblivious to me in the cockpit.

Dino took it up and all credit to him.

What he manages to do with a lens, I aim to do with the car.

( Photos by Dino Dalle Carbonare and Speedhunters )

Picture 3




  1. you talk yourself up too much man, remove that haggard wing, lower your car,get some wheels and then you jmight be “cool” but for now your just a noob

    • Haha, very true – I am talking things up – that’s how stoked I am by how well the first efforts went.

      For sure I may be a noob at drifting but I know how to handle a car. Like I said, it came very naturally and was a good place to start 🙂

      Thanks for your comment though. The rims you see are the spare set of 16’s. I have 18’s but just not in the shots or footage you may have seen… The car sits at a decent height with those rims on. Yeah, the wing is debatable… I think the priority for me is to get an LSD – everything mechanical set up right before I go for cosmetic changes.

      That’s the plan anyway.

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