Shedding a tier for F1

May 7, 2009

I don’t know what this latest debacle in F1 is based on…

Is it greed? Political machismo posturing? For the good of the sport? Whatever it is, the “powers that be” are again at each others throats in what is increasingly becoming a showcase of high profile mud wrestling.

Not too long ago Mosley was getting caned by mistresses dressed in German leather. Before that Ecclestone told the world he thought all women should dress in white and remain in the kitchen with all the other appliances.

Now we have Di Motezemolo, the biggest bottle sucker and dummy spitter this side of Falvio Briatore and Fernando Alonso, who is,  yet again, threatening to pull the Ferrari pin on F1’s hand grenade. On the subject of handgrenades, does anyone miss those monster 1200hp BMW Compaq sponsored Quali time bombs from the 80’s? I sure do – man, those engines were the craziest EVER to come out of F1…I digress.


Personally, if Ferrari had been on top of their game off season, none of this would be happening. If Raikkonnen and Massa were taking wins and hauling WDC and WCC points, none of this would be happening.

But it is. Ferrari suck right now. Don’t deny it. The car is a pig: it is overweight, twitchy, loaded with a shonky KERS device, not to mention one particularly unmotivated Finn, lacks sufficient downforce over the rear of the car and seems to be suffering a number of other technical gremlins, not least of which being the furry fuzzball that got into Massas electronics in Malaysia. Sure they will bounce back – they are part of the backbone of the sport. Ferrari’s failure does not give Di Montezemolo the right to peg his toys out of the pram and start screaming like a 5 year old.

It’s pathetic.

F1 doesn’t need any more of this crap. We just got through the “Diffuser 3” row and thank God for that – we may actually have a season with action happening on the circuits instead of in the dark confines of an underground whipping chamber.

Nobody outside the F1 circus cares a damn about the political nonsenses bening smashed about within the safety of FIA headquaters.


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