Fitted a fully phat “sik ‘zorst bro” exhaust to the Forester Sti

May 7, 2009

It’s a rare beast. I betcha never seen a Gram Lights cannon before! Actually it’s a Gram Lights Dragon 57 Stainless Catback System.Why Dragon 57? Who knows? It is made in Japan remember?

I hadn’t even heard of them until recently myself.



I wasnt just going to pay ¥10,000 to fit it either – do it myself for nothing in 10 minutes.

That’s where my newly acquired Costco tool sets came in handy! 😀


Tool box and over 100 pieces for ¥5000. Who cares how long they last when the kit it that cheap?

I also bought a ratchet wrench set while I was there for under ¥3000 yen. They are angled, Cro mo, look the bizzo and do a decent job turning nuts.


So with the car jacked up and some silicone spray added to the rubber grommets and nuts, it was time to do the transplant.


OFF WITH THE HEAVY ASS STANDARD EXHAUST! What a joke the stocker is!


With the old exhaust off, there is a noticable cavity left behind… Everything lined up perfectly though.


It still looks very nice on the car though. The beveled tip droops slightly down and to the right. Much like me sometimes…


One thing that stood out when fitting the Gram lights cat back was the need to drop the car at least 3 inches. That or the intake is going to be next.


I’m really pleased with this system – its beautiful, light and well built not to mention very rare.

It was so damn lucky I came across one at all – especially lucky to source one for an SG9 Forester Sti. It’s hard enough finding aero parts for the bloody thing.


Here is a video of the ‘zorst in action – I had to link to another video because my phones sound quality is crapola.I like the burble, not droney but bassy and could do with more rumble I think… where’s that centre pipe! 😛

For some stupid reason the author of this video “disabled embedding by request”, What kind of person does that over an exhaust sound?

And I have to mention one last thing – go out to Costco all you Aussie beer lovers because I managed to find amber mana from heaven, Adelaide’s very own hand made beer, Coopers Pale Ale! So good…





  1. Great buy with that tool kit ahah. ¥5000 is a steal!

    Exhaust looks great!

  2. Impressive webpage, exactly where did you obtain the design?

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