Mobara D1SL Divisional Pics

May 6, 2009

Despite Andy not getting through to the 16, there was still plenty of action going on at Mobara, some of the action producing tears for the entrants, like these two:

Dino informed me that this R34 driven by Shuichi Motohashi slammed into the barriers head on… but it’s cool – It’ll buff right out…I think.



He was joined a little later on by this poor tan S13 which had a backside that looked puckered beyond belief. I certainly wouldn’t want to be giving that rear end an examination…


The crowd seemed to enjoy the festivities despite the half assed weather…


As did I snapping away with my borrowed Nikon D300 and awesome 18-200mm VR EG D Lens. Compared to the D3X ( 15k worth of gear! ) I borrowed last time, the D300 was much easier to live with – the choice of lens helped a lot as well…


more sideways action… Shooting in “S” mode between 20 and 100



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