A bitter pill to swallow at Mobara

May 6, 2009

That wasn’t supposed to happen. Not only was the weather not playing ball today but I have witnessed some dodgy Drift stuff that others had hinted at. One name I must mention is that of Andy Gray. The poor guy was stripped of what was easily a top 8 finish and for what? I can’t say I know him very well but I do know he gives an awful lot to the sport and from my perspective, gets very little back. Even the most stoic of people will find that grating after a while. No wonder a change is on the cards – I wish him all the best with it too.

Visit Andy and Emily at Powervehicles to see more of what they are up to.

Let me show you what I managed to get of him today that amazingly wasn’t worthy of even a top 16 placing…

I have heard many times that “judging” in Drift is extremely…subjective. There is no doubt in my mind after viewing Andy Gray’s runs, compared to that of other competitors, that he deserved a top 16 finish. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

To give you a massive contrast – consider this photo…

Looks like he caught it –


…but no, he certainly went round. Now… no offence to the JZZ30 driver but despite what you see above you, this driver made it to the final 4.


Andy didn’t spin once, made plenty of smoke, held good lines and angles and still didn’t even make the 16. After the results were announced you could see the disappointment clearly. I felt it too.

In a separate incident the judges went as far as to allow 3, that’s right, 3 reruns of a battle seemingly so they could get their favored driver through. Said driver ( the name escapes me ) was out driven basically every lap and they seemingly ended up having to allow the other driver through but not after giving him every opportunity to make a mistake.

It was  a snapshot of some of the strangest “judging” I have seen in a long time. Endearing himself to the crowd, one of the judges made it his business to inform everyone how his trips to the toilet went…at least that’s what I heard in Japanese.

Not quite what I had expected to see, that’s for sure.


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