Ebisu Drift Matsuri 2009 Part 2

May 5, 2009

I can’t leave such a massive event uncovered so I’m going to dedicate a number of posts to it to make sure you get maximum viewing pleasure. If you havent been to the Drift Matsuri in Ebisu, you simply must do it at least once before you leave the mortal coil.

It’s that good. Sacrilege is what I would call a no-show.

For some reason, I spent most of my time at the Minami course, constantly being told it was one of the most dangerous courses in Japan, blah blah ” You cant go out at Minami on your first time!” rah rah,  but I actually found it quite comfortable. The run off areas are generous and from the seat, visibility is great. Corners open up in front of you and the wall is only there to stop you if you screw up – nothing to be feared at all.

I had never drifted before Saturday. I am stoked to report that I didn’t crash once and I can tell you I was pushing hard – not a scratch on the car. The car suffered zero mechanical failures, didn’t overheat, the RB20 revving hard even with 170k on the clock. I was over the moon with how well the weekend went. Unfortunately not everyone took an interest in how well I as doing for a first timer, even if I was throwing the car towards the wall at turn one going in at over 120kph. Some did though and I’m pleased to say I made it into speedhunters! Thanks Dino!

Is it common for people to do this sort of thing right out of the box because I don’t know – it just made sense to me! Like riding a push bike!

Getting back to the action, I simply loved these guys caning their scuds to the point of failure – It was hard to explain how some of them were still working when you took a look at them!


Look at the state of this JZX90!


This SCUD may look like a piece of crud but it serves a solid purpose – it’s being hammered by none other than D1SL driver Kitaoka which goes to show you that anyone who says that only crap divers skid scuds is dead wrong.

The truth is that a lot of drivers use scuds to perfect their technique. Sure beats putting the competition race car into the wall at well over 100.

Besides this fact, I really liked the trashed look – very demolition derby style and totally appropriate for the event. Here is a crazy sequence of Kitaoka taking the drop at Minami… ( all shots taken on a Nikon D300 with 17-200mm VR ED G Nikkor lens. )





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