Hello intranets!

May 4, 2009

Well, let’s start off with a bang shall we? Not the type of bang that results in a bent chassis or shattered carbon fiber but the one that heralds the coming of yet another racing otaku – come on…you know you love the stuff…that’s why you clicked here.

Living in Japan, I am very spoilt when it comes to motor sporting events. There is literally always something happening and often things are happening at the same time… making life difficult.

Over the weekend I was in Ebisu for the Spring edition of the Drift Matsuri – an absolute must see for anyone into drifting mayhem spread across almost 10 different courses and a 36 hour time period.

Drift heaven, without a doubt.


With action happening on every single bit of rubbered up tarmac, copious amounts of redbull were needed to keep up with it all.


Ebisu is a very special place for Drifters but you knew that already, didn’t you? Kumakubo maintains a great compound and throws these parties 3 times a year – once a piece for Spring, Summer and Autumn. Unsurprisingly, Winter is skipped because while drifting in the snow may be fun, it can also be lethal.

One of the things that makes the Drift Matsuri so special are these missiles ( I’ll call them SCUDS from here on in )

They are the perfect way to enjoy the festival on the cheap – buy a scud, take it to the track and thrash it until it breaks. Nights out to a club in Tokyo have cost far more than these, I can tell you now. No surprise which I would rather! Or you would rather for that matter, I imagine.


You can see on the windscreen and door there ミサイル – well that’s telling the world that this particular car is a mi sa ii ru, haha.


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